Balloons over Branson Creek 2012 - Early dawn picture
Over 20 colorful Hot Air Balloons filled the skies over Branson, MOInstalling the burners onto the balloon's basket.
Balloons over Branson relay on volunteer.
Branson came out strong.
Pictured are Sonya, Linney, Craig, Wes and Ben

Balloons over Branson Creek 2012

Sue Andersen Realty was proud to be a part and sponsor of the Balloons over Branson Creek.  What an experience!  We were very fortunate to personally get to know and work with two different pilots as crew members and even serve as  “BALLAST” (rider) for this event.  What an truly unforgettable opportunity this was! 

Setup for Launch

Balloon Pilots came from many different parts of the United States, including Panama City, Florida and Dallas, Texas.  Most of the Pilots rely on local volunteers for the setup and launch of the Balloons.  This was truly an amazing experience for us!  Each detail of what was needed was carefully explained, including why it was done this way.  As a team, we carefully followed instruction to assembly the 600 pound basket plus burners and envelope (another 200 pounds) into one unit (hopefully flight worthy).  

Installing the Burners

The picture above shows us mounting the dual burners (safety) onto the basket.  Inside the basket were 3 large propane tanks.  This allowed up to two hours of flight without getting into the reserve.

The Balloon's envelope is carefully laid onto the rugged Ozark's landscape.
Although the parachute material is extremely strong, it can be punctured or torn if drug over the landscape.

Preparing the Envelope

The envelope is carefully laid out on the ground.  The upper colorful part is similar to parachute material.  Extremely light and strong, however it can be easily torn or punctured if pulled across the Ozark landscape.

The envelope of the hot air balloon is first inflated via a gas powered fan.
Early frosty morning picture at Branson Creek.

Inflating the Envelope

A large gas powered fan is utilized to begin the inflation of the envelope.  Ben Deal and Sonya are holding the mouth open.  Crew members on the other end are securing the Crown Line and verify the Tabs are in place.

Looking inside the balloon as it is being inflated.
Balloons over Branson Creek 2012.

Looking inside the Envelope as it is Filled

The balloon is currently being inflated with a large gas powered fan.  You can see in the above picture, the tabs that hold the top of the envelope (balloon) in place have come loose.  Probably because we didn’t know what we were doing.  We quickly retabbed the top to the envelope.  Once the balloon is fully inflated the tabs serve no purpose.  When fully inflated the top may be opened or closed with a series of ropes.  I am told this allows the pilot to control his assent or increase his decent.  At this point - I was sincerely questioning why the Pilot trusted us.

Once the balloon has reach its maximum inflation via a gas powered fan - the burners are fired, causing the balloon to rise.

Firing of the Burners

Once the envelope is inflated with the power fan to about 3/4, crew members hold the mouth open while standing on the lower straps as the pilot fires the burner.  The envelope quickly raises.  Tension on the straps becomes quite intense as you are attempting to keep you hands out of the intense flame.  This was really cool. (maybe hot)

As the balloon rises, it lifts the basket from a horizontal postion (with the pilot inside) to the upright vertical position.


The pilot continues to fire the Burner.  As the envelope is filled with hot air, the basket and pilot (which were laying down) are uprighted and pulled into a vertical position.  Crews stabilize the basket and keep it weighted.  Crews (now left in the field) maintain the Crown line tension and stability.  A safety strap (yellow strap) is attached to the truck, just in case things don’t go according to plan A!

Fully inflated - ready for launch at Branson Creek.

Fully Inflated and ready for Flight!

What a beautiful sight!  It was really an incredible experience.

“Whispering Winds”

Piloted by Wes Pittman

Night Glow gives a whole different perspective to the colorful balloons.  The Balloons over Branson Creek come alive at night.Almost ready for Launch.
Pictured in the center is "Me Too" piloted by Win Myer (green and yellow).
Sue had the opportunity to sponsor this balloon.

Balloons over Branson Creek

2012 Photography by Stacy Deal

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Many Thanks to the Pilots and Volunteers!

This has been a great experience!

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Balloons over Branson Creek

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Firing the Burners

“Whispering Winds”

Piloted by Wes Pittman


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Flying in Branson Creek on a early dawn morning creates some awesome pictures.
Balloons over Branson Creek 2012.

Night Glow!

What an awesome sight when the burners are fired at night!


In Flight Gallery

Balloon "Me Too" playing in the trees.
According to our pilot, "Any plane can fly high, but only balloons can play in the trees".

Playing with the Trees!

Our pilot explained to Sue - Any plane can fly high, but only balloons can play in the trees!

“Me Too” Piloted by Win Myers

Sue Andersen Realty was privileged to sponsor “Me Too”

“Me Too”

Piloted by Win Myers



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