American Huey 369 at the Branson Meadows Mall
Branson, MoWith permission, visitors were allowed to sit inside the Huey.

Huey 369 Visits Branson

We would like to thank the volunteers and members of American Huey 369 for their stop over at Branson Meadows en-route to the 2013 Heli Expo at Las Vegas, Nevada.  The volunteers and members of American Huey 369 are dedicated to history, restoration, education of the public and a thank you / tribute to our veterans.  The Huey first became a reality on Oct 10, 1956.  It’s first test came in Vietnam 1962, continuing thru the end of the Vietnam era.  There have been over 15,000 Huey’s built by Bell helicopter.

Huey 369

The Huey was completely disassembled.  The engine, rotor and transmission were sent to the manufacturers for a complete rebuild.

Inside Huey 369

The visibility from the pilot seat of the Huey 369 was something.  The instrumentation panel is in the center.  The pilot is surrounded - above, straight ahead and below by Plexiglas.

A bench seat for three was on each side of the engine.

Inside the Huey 369

The cock pit is on left.  On each side of the engine (center) is a bench seat for 3.

Front view of Huey 369
Tail rotor of Huey 369.
Branson Meadows Mall
Branson, MoRotor assembly.Flight crew removing their helments.
Saftey crew maintains the perimeter as the rotors are still turning.Capt Walker

Huey 369 at Branson, Mo

Tribute to our Veterans

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Many Thanks to the Crew and Volunteers!

This has been a great experience!

Most of all - Thanks to our Veterans


Captain Walker has a website with a couple of videos on their mission and the American Huey.  Well worth watching.


Quote of the day!

Our value is not determined by who we are, what we do, or what we look like, but by the Price that was paid for us.

Romans 5: 8

Crew is seen removing their helments and flight jackets.
Saftey crew maintains the perimeter of the aircraft as the rotors are still turning.

Huey 369!

Huey 369 has just landed.  The crew, seen above and below, removing their flight jackets and helmets.  The rotors are still turning when this picture was taken.

Story of Huey 369

As told by Capt. Walker.

Huey 389 flew in Viet Nam for 3 years.    It continued to fly as a part of the US National Guard before its final retirement - outside storage for several years.  Capt. Walker purchased the aircraft in 2005 to store in his personal pole barn.  Within a short period of time, Vietnam Vets and patriots stepped forward with the idea that 369 could fly again.  Huey 369 was restored and once again flew in 2007. 

Capt. Walker spoke to the crowd about the history of American Huey 369

Huey in Vietnam

The first combat test of the Huey came in 1965 in Vietnam when it flew support and evacuation missions till the end of the war.  Capt Walker tells that the soldiers would listen for the sound of the rotors and knew help was on its way.  Whatever the mission, these brave pilots and their machine took it on - many times knowingly, it was the soldiers only hope.



As I listened to Capt Walker tell the story I was thinking, just 10 minutes earlier I was in my office when I heard that distinct rotor sound.  It was a lower frequency than any other helicopter, almost a thumping sound.  It was unlike any other local aircraft.  I immediately left the office and headed to the landing sight in time to see the crew unload.  As Capt Walker told the story, I thought what a relief it had to be to the soldiers to hear the rotors, miles before its arrival.

Huey 369

Crew unloading!  Capt Walker on the right.

Capt. Walker

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Huey 369 at Branson, Mo

Tribute to Our Verterans

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