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Branson Mo Time and Temp

Branson, Mo Flood 2008

Table Rock and Taneycomo Lakes

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April 2008

Branson Landing and fountain on Lake Taneycomo.  Picture by Bob Gard.Scotty's Trout Dock on Lake Taneycomo.  Picture taken by Bob Gard.Upper parking lot at the Landing.  Picture taken by Bob Gard.The Landing Fountain taken by Bob GardFloating restarant at the Landing by Bob Gard.

Branson Landing

The Fountain (now a fish pond) at the Branson Landing

The Fountain and Gas Billows

Floating Restaurant and service road

The high current moved Scotty’s Trout downstream, dangerously close the to Taneycomo Bridge.  More anchors were brought in to secure the dock until such time that the high current subsides.


Update April 24, 2008

Scotties Trout Dock is back where it belongs and again catering to our guest.  Give them a call, I’m sure that would like to hear from you.

The lower parking lot of the Landing was closed except for emergency vehicles.

Welcome to Branson, Missouri

Update April 24, 2008

The Landing is back to normal operation.  Come on down and see if there are any fish in the fountain!